Clothes for women, men or kids with artworks that are inspired by Estonian nature, history and symbolism.

Our Story and Philosophy

Our philosophy is that our history, culture and values are very important and should not be forgotten.

We’ve noticed that the Baltics and Nordics are flooded by great designs, but they are not really connected to us and look very impersonal. They’re missing a deeper connection to local people. At the same time we see that the Baltic people in general are more reserved in embracing their heritage and local culture.

We at thinks it’s a pity, because we cannot build a meaningful future without understanding the pretext, values and the history behind us, and, as they say: "For a tree to grow, it needs to have strong roots". In an ever-globalizing world it’s more important than ever to remember where we came from.

Therefore, we decided to give the Baltic and Nordic peoples a chance to have clothing that has cultural value and combines nature motifs with modern apparel that can actually be used daily, is stylish and made of high quality materials.

Company name: IK "White Swan Media"; Address: Loka maģistrāle 7-12, Jelgava, Latvia, LV3004; Registration nr. 43602025447

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